Review – Earn Up To $10 Per Hour


Many people have lost their full-time income because of layoffs due to the Coronavirus. If you too are among one of those poor souls, I’ll show you a method through which you can easily earn up to $10 per hour worth of Cryptocurrency by completing simple jobs on Read this review thoroughly and start harvesting money immediately. Most tasks are straightforward, such as signing up on a site, subscribing to a YouTube channel, or simply watching a video. The majority of jobs are extremely easy to complete and hardly take any time.

Employers from different parts of the world post these jobs. Read the requirements of the client carefully, as some might ask you for proof that you have done the job. For example, if someone posted a job requesting the user to sign up to a specific site, he might ask for proof such as providing him with the username and password you used for subscribing to that site. Like most online job sites, this one too allows you to sign up as a worker or an employee. As mentioned above, the tasks are elementary. Some of the common tasks include:
• Following social media accounts
• Signing up for websites
• Liking Facebook pages
• Writing content
• Watching YouTube videos

Signing up with the site
You have to sign up with the site by filling up their online form with your name, username, email, and country. You also have to fill up a password field. Note down the password as you will require it later to log in. Click on the “submit” button after filling up all fields. Once you have completed the formalities, and have clicked on the verification link received via email, you can log into the site and start hunting for jobs. Remember, you can opt for payment through Bitcoin or USD Coin.

Are the jobs tough?
As mentioned in the bulleted list above the jobs are quite simple. When you first login into you will see details about trending jobs at the top of the page. Right now, there are 95 jobs under the “Click and Search” category and ten under “Content Writing.” If you want to see more jobs, scroll down the page to see other interesting jobs, which you can complete quickly. Some jobs do require that you possess a specific skill. For example, you cannot design a logo unless you have an in-depth knowledge of graphics and how to use graphic programs.

The best site for earning money
I have seen several “work from home” sites, but most of them were scams. They never paid money after I completed the job. It was not the case with CryptoPerHour (CPH). The amount of money you can earn per hour depends on your talent in the specific field(s). If you are a fast typist and have in-depth knowledge about SEO along with a desire to research about particular topics online and writing them in your own words, you can easily earn $10 per hour through CPH.


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