Kittycoin Token Review – Kittycoin $1/Coin Price Prediction?


The Kittycoin token is a unique P2P (peer to peer) cryptocurrency that shares similarities with Dogecoin. It aims to facilitate the mass adoption of cryptocurrency, and it supports charitable causes. Unlike many other cryptocurrencies, which require users to make an investment, Kittycoin distributes forty percent of its’ newly issued supply to new users through airdrops.

Currently, new Kittycoin users who register for an airdrop are given 1000 free tokens. Notwithstanding, the supply of Kittycoins is strictly limited. As time passes, this quantity will diminish – until it reaches fifty new tokens for each user. This means that early adopters are rewarded, so users are encouraged to register immediately.

No costly specialized mining equipment is needed to mine Kittycoins, which is better for the environment. Also, this enables anyone, from any location, to mine these tokens. Kittycoin has adopted a ground breaking new method to mine cryptocurrency, known as ‘proof of user activity’. This allows users to mine the tokens on their smartphones or laptops, by downloading the Kittycoin phone app or mining software. Then, they just have to search the Internet or watch videos, to receive twenty percent of the entire token supply.

Kittycoin incentivizes users to promote the token to their relatives, friends and colleagues with an inbuilt affiliate marketing scheme. Whenever a new user signs up for free Kittycoins, after being referred by an existing user, that existing user will receive 1000 Kittycoins as a reward. This allows new users to be onboarded quicker than they would be, if one person or entity tried to manage this process alone.

There is one key feature about Kittycoin that sets it apart from virtually all other cryptocurrencies. Namely, ten percent of its newly issued supply is allocated to user endorsed no kill animal shelters. All Kittycoin users are allowed to vote to decide which charities the tokens should be donated to.

Finally, no discussion about the Kittycoin token would be complete without mentioning the investment potential. We would all like to return to 2010 and purchase Bitcoin, while it was available for under a dollar per token. Also, it would have been great to have purchased Dogecoin two years ago, just before its’ price skyrocketed – or Ethereum in 2015, when it was worth less than three dollars. You would be sitting pretty on a nice nest egg now, if you had done that.‚Äč

Well, you will be pleased to learn that Kittycoin is worth well under a penny at the moment. If the company fulfills its goal of onboarding millions of users during the years to come, the token could shoot up in value significantly. A small number of tokens now could be worth a huge sum in the not too distant future.

Of course, nobody has a crystal ball, but it will certainly do no harm to acquire some Kittycoins now. This way, you can benefit from any big price moves, while also saving injured animals and promoting cryptocurrency adoption. The Kittycoin token is here to stay, so it makes sense to get involved, rather than stand on the sidelines and live to regret it.


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