Lovecoin Token Review – Lovecoin $1/Coin Price Prediction?


Do you remember the first time you heard of Bitcoin? Do you wish you invested before it became the hit that it is? Bitcoin has continued to surprise investors and financial experts with the way it has stood the test of time and continued to thrive against all odds.

People often wish they could go back in time and invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and so many other cryptocurrencies that have grown exponentially over the years. What if I told you that there is a way around that? There is a chance to join a revolution that will be making headlines in no time?


Introduction to the Lovecoin token

  • What is the lovecoin token?

Lovecoin is a new innovative peer-to-peer cryptocurrency with a focus on supporting philanthropy and encouraging mainstream cryptocurrency adoption.

  • Why was it created? (What necessitated its creation?)

Despite the technological and financial progress that the cryptocurrency revolution has brought about; there still is a lot that needs to be done.

For instance, the issue of a barrier to entry continues to limit the growth of most Blockchain projects. Unfortunately, almost 99% of the existing Blockchain and Crypto projects require the user to invest and pay money before using their tokens. This has greatly hindered crypto mainstream adoption because not all users are willing or able to invest.

Lovecoin’s main agenda is to solve this issue by offering ‘free on-boarding’ for users through their airdrop; they intend to distribute 40% of their total newly issued supply to new users. This is because they strongly believe that the value of any given currency network is ultimately in its user-base.

Anyone that signs up for the airdrop immediately is guaranteed 50,000 free coins, however, this amount is set to decrease over time to a projected 50 coins due to limited supply. The earlier the better.

  • Perks of the lovecoin token
  1. A very rewarding affiliate program

Unlike most cryptocurrencies which are struggling with the issue of advertising due to the issue of decentralization, Lovecoin is dedicated to effective advertising to ensure that many new users continue to get on board.

This they intend to achieve through their affiliate program whereby users are paid for spreading the word to family, friends, and followers. Users get paid up to 50,000 lovecoins per referral.

  1. Chance to serve by supporting charitable courses

Lovecoin is different from all other cryptocurrencies based on the fact that 10% of the total newly released Lovecoin supply goes directly to support user voted upon charities and causes.

This money goes to funding and raising awareness for philanthropic causes such as:

  • Helping end world hunger
  • Providing jobs & education for those in need
  • Supporting local charitable organizations such as COVID relief programs and animal shelters.

The best part is that any user of Lovecoin can participate in a democratic voting process to determine which causes are supported through Lovecoin token donations.

  1. The accessible and simple mining process

Lovecoin makes “coin mining” accessible to anyone in the world with a PC, no specialized or expensive mining equipment (which burns tons of electricity) is needed.

They have achieved this by implementing a new innovative cryptocurrency mining method dubbed “Proof of User Activity”. Through this method even non-tech-savvy people can mine Lovecoins using their home PC; all you need to do is download the lovecoin mining software and then learn how to mine through videos and the web. There is no need for specialized and expensive mining equipment.

40% of the total lovecoin supply is paid out to individuals who participate in the “coin mining process”.

  1. It is a great investment opportunity

Just like Bitcoin, Lovecoin has the potential to become a trailblazer. The price of Lovecoin is currently trading at small fractions of a penny today. If Lovecoin successfully on boards millions of new users within the next few years like we intend to, just imagine the exponential investment gains that could potentially produce.

What could be better than spreading cryptocurrency adoption, supporting charitable causes, and making money all at the same time? Lovecoin makes all these three things possible.

  • How to get started on Lovecoin

First things first, you are guaranteed 50,000 free lovecoins by just signing up. It is very easy to get started, the process is as follows

  1. The first thing you need to do is download a compatible Crypto wallet application
  2. The next step is to acquire your lovecoin tokens which currently is 50,000 per user
  3. Spread the word to family, friends, and followers to earn extra tokens (spread the love)
  4. Start mining the Lovecoins and voting to support charities. As already explained, the mining process is not only easy but also rewarding. The voting process on the other hand allows you to have a say on which charities and causes get funding.


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