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Here at CryptoCelebrities.co we offer writers in the Cryptocurrency / Bitcoin / Blockchain | Forex | Financial | Technology niches an opportunity to contribute content to our website. Content submitted to our website must be of high quality and offer value to our readers.

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Writing a good guest post involves a few different aspects. First, you have to be accepted as a contributor by whichever site you are wanting to post on. A good guest post also has to be in line with the site’s submission guidelines. Perhaps most importantly, you have to know your target audience. Search engine optimization is also a good strategy to employ when wanting to write a really awesome guest post that will either drive traffic back to your website or secure future contributor post jobs. Regardless of which blog or website you are guest posting on, there are certain guest post writing tips that apply across the board and will get you pointed in the right direction towards successful guest post writing.

Applying to Contribute to a Blog or Website

When it comes time to attempt a guest post, you first want to decide where you most want to post. Whether you are interested in the site because it could drive traffic back to your own site, because you are genuinely interested in the topic, or because the site pays well, the site will have to accept you as a contributor. Chances are, the higher they pay and the more popular they are, the more competition you will have with other guest contributors and the choosier they will be when sifting through submissions.

Submission Guidelines

When you are hitting the keyboard to write, make sure you are more than familiar with the site’s submission guidelines. These vary greatly site to site, so even if you are a frequent guest poster on other sites, make sure you are reading any new site’s submission guidelines carefully.

Most often, these guidelines include stipulations on length, subject matter, whether to include images or not, and tone. If you submit something that is not in line with the site’s guidelines just to apply, what do you think your chances of being accepted as a guest contributor will be? Do your homework and make sure your submission piece represents your attention to detail and ability to follow instructions and create engaging content.

Know Your Audience

Make sure that before you submit anything, you know the site’s niche or target audience. It doesn’t matter how good your post is if it doesn’t appeal to the people who will be reading it; it’s that simple. Make sure you are familiar with who the site’s biggest followers are and write your post as if you are talking to them and giving them whatever it is they are looking for by visiting the site.

Doing a little research beforehand on who your target audience is can be the best way to make sure your post is going to be successful in terms of engagement and popularity. Knowing the tone of writing that your audience appreciates is important too. Look at some of the site’s most popular posts and see what they have in common. Are they all funny? Serious? Formal? Casual? You can tell an awful lot about a site by their content tone, and knowing that and writing in that style will greatly enhance your chances of being accepted.

Writing for Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a buzz word of the last decade or so. Quite simply, it means tailoring posts and content so they appeal to the bulk of people searching for what you are offering. It also means writing for higher rankings by the search engines. Often, where you are in the search engine results pages (SERPs) can determine how many clicks you get and how many people you reach.

In other words, you can write the best post in the world on celebrity gossip, but if it doesn’t satisfy basic keyword requirements, it’s likely to not be read by many people. Again, do a little homework and find out which keywords are the most popular for the site’s searches. A little familiarity with Google Analytics can help with this a lot.

When it comes to writing a good guest post, the most important thing is to put a little time in before those fingers start drumming on that keyboard. Make an effort to know the site you are wanting to contribute to. Do your homework and make sure your submission and writing is in adherence to their submission guidelines, and find out exactly who the site’s audience is and what they are looking for. Add a little SEO zest to your writing, and your posts are sure to be a success. With a little effort, those guest posts could turn into regular contributor posts.